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People don’t expect to pay for anything on the internet anymore. If you can get something for free, why pay, right? And you should get it for free to stop those greedy corporate fat cats from making money for the things they helped created. But even if you think you should pay for what something is worth, you might not do so. You might not feel wealthy enough. Or you might have the money, but give in to your impulses and decide that, while you’re not a thief, there’s no harm in doing it just this once…

So that’s the moral argument against not downloading stuff off the internet. If you’ve already found this site then I guess you’re going to be totally unconcerned about the moral aspect. Or you might think taking something for nothing is morally right. But what I’m going to offer you here are practical, self-interested reasons why you shouldn’t download Stealth Attraction from a torrent, even thought I’ve provided the link below.

I have to say though, Richard la Ruina, and all those other pioneers of game, have really contributed to my happiness. I was happy to pay the £5 once I realised how much this programme was going to change my life.

But I’m sure that won’t convince you. So why should you buy it?

Because you’ll get more if you do.

If you download Stealth Attraction from the torrent, you’ll get the DVDs. And that’s it.

But if you pay the £5, PUA Training will give you access to their Master Pick Up Artist University. That £5 pays for you entry fees to a membership area that gives you just a crazy amount of stuff. So that £5 isn’t between getting something for free and having to pay for it. If you steal it, you get Stealth Attraction. If you buy it, they’ll give you Stealth Attraction and this, and that, and many more things.

So what else do you get?

You get a programme on Social Domination which teaches you not just how to game girls, but how to build your social life to be what you always wanted it to be. Do you want to be going to cool, exclusive places and hanging out with the other people who’ll really get you? Social Domination should help you with that.

Approaching Confidence DVD. This a really well known programme in the community. Most guys coming to game don’t want to pull 9 and 10s, they just want to be able to talk to women. This programme will help crack that.

But if you do want 9s and 10s, they have a programme in their which explains the different sort of things you need to do to game these different, higher quality women.

And this isn’t even 1/2 the material! Every month or so they release a new episode in their Master Pick Up Artist University series. This should fill in the nuts and bolts of your interactions, and covers a crazily wide range of things. This will not only gives you everything else you need to know, it’ll keep you interested by teaching you about new aspect of social interaction that fascinate most aspirant PUAs. There’s stuff on day game, escalation, etc. You’d have to pay thousands of dollars to any of the major American companies to get this much stuff.

There’s still more though. Richard has included his life story that chronicles how he went from Zero to Hero and explains how most guys (though maybe not every one) will be able to transform if they want to.

Finally, there’s a PDF on how to fix you fashion, a crucial area that often gets overlooked. I think PUA Training have a paid fashion consultant, but you can get most of the information you need just by paying the £5 fee.

So, all in all, there’s a huge amount more you get by taking the plunge and paying the money than by trying to lift it from the internet. And, what’s more, you’ll feel like a better person too.

So here’s the torrent link http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5490896 and here’s PUA Training’s own link http://stealthattraction.com/




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